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Training System subscription price: €49 for one year.

Using Guo Juan’s Training System™ is the most effective way to REMEMBER what you have learned!

Remembering is IMPORTANT! And let’s face it - despite a lot of effort, most of us forget much of what we study because we don’t use or review it in a timely manner. But there is a solution!

Guo Juan’s Training System is specifically designed to achieve the MAXIMUM remembering with the MINIMUM time and effort.

How does it do this? Guo Juan makes sets of problems that accompany the lectures. Each individual problem helps you learn and remember one thing from the lecture.

Pick what you want to study. Add sets of problems, one lesson at a time, to your own personal Go Problem collection. Then launch the Training System. It will select a problem for you to solve.

Solve the problem. Then rate how easy or difficult you found the problem. Based on that feedback, the system schedules when you will see that problem again and gives you your next problem.

The ideal scheduling is to restudy each problem just barely before you forget the material. At first, the repeat scheduling will be quite close together - days apart. But as your studies continue, you will remember the material for longer and longer periods. Before long, your “refreshers” will be years apart and you WILL REMEMBER the shapes when they come up in your games.

This is called a Spaced Repetition System. It is quite popular in language studies and elsewhere. If you want to know more about this subject, you could start with this Wikipedia article.