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Pro Lectures Library

Professional Lecture Library pricing:

  • A la Carte: €1 for one lecture for one month.
  • Subscription: €99 for all lectures for one year.

Guo Juan’s Professional Lecture Library™ is an unmatched resource containing over 1000 recorded lectures covering all areas and all levels of Go. New lectures are released weekly!

Guo Juan has assembled a very special group of Professional teachers who have particular skill teaching Western Go players. For over 10 years they have been recording lectures to help you understand and play better Go.

These lectures cover material for beginners, intermediate and even the strongest players. Step-by-step instruction walks you through the concepts and techniques that will rapidly advance your Go level.

Lectures cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Basic Course
  • Important Shapes
  • Joseki
  • Opening
  • Middle Game
  • End Game
  • Professional Games

...and more...

Not sure what to study? We’ve added an easy-to-use Filter Tool which allows you to narrow your search to the difficulty level that interests you.