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Professional games > 2014 ‐ Gu Li vs Lee SeDol Jubango ‐ Game 4
May 3, 2014 by Guo Juan 5p
B: Gu Li 9p W: Lee SeDol 9p
Mlli MengBaiHe JubanGo game 4

Black move 1, a super tesuji.
Duration: 30 minutes
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psygo I'm sorry but I have to point out that you and KGS could solve some sound issues. I don't know if it is the microphones you're using but since a slightly good one isn't that expensive I assume it is not a hardware issue. I guess you're using the same method or algorithm as the KGS server does, so here is my suggestion: ask some programmer for help! Especially if you could fix the sound issues on KGS, it's the damn encoding!!! KGS must be using an outstangly outdated one which doesn't go along with today's equipment. I've been watching dwyrin's youtube channel and he has the same critique: he bought a great microphone but the sound in his KGS' lectures is still horrible. Changing the subject, has anyone realized that the KGS server is completely outdated in every aspect? The interface is fit for Windows 98, do people want it to make a 20th anniversary or something? I see no reason for this, you are losing players to those also not updated servers like Tygem and WBaduk. (If the problem with the sound is not the encoding or the microphone, try contacting a sound technician, he can apply some filters to the archive and make it smoother. It really annoys me specially when Ming Jiu talks, due to his low tone it is really hard to understand sometimes.)
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