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Basic course > Handicap ‐ Playing White
July 23, 2013 by Guo Juan 5p
Duration: 25 minutes
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User Comments
cjacobsn Awesome lecture, helped me a lot with understanding handicap as white. This topic is not discussed often.
cook777 I see this was done back in 2013. Most all my games in person are with weaker players that I try to give handicap games. (As well as try to get them to see taking handicaps is a good thing.) Not able to give the handicap that I "should" be able to going by rank. I actually do seem to have trouble with the conservative players.

I do hope to leave this comment here to encourage you that there is a good reason to continue making this series.
RobinP Excellent lecture. As all players I started with a 9 handicap and there was a lot of books to help black. Now being stronger I find I'm giving 9 handicap stones. I, like cook777 ,would love to see this series continue from white's perspective of how best to deal with various handicaps
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