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Professional games > 2012 ‐ 7th Ing Cup ‐ Finals 1
February 8, 2013 by Wang JianKun 7p
B: Park Junghwan 9p (Korea) W: Fan TingYu 3p (China)
Event: The 7th Ing Cup finals, game 1
Place: Singapore
Date: 2012-12-22
Komi: 8

Commentators: Wang JianKun 7p, Guo Juan 5p
Duration: 29 minutes
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Lichigo Incredible game, my teacher was proud of Fan tingyu because he trained Fan tingyu when he was younger :D
gammaorder Nice game and I love the new interface. Noticed it on a lunch lecture earlier but it works very good being able to click on the move number that you want to go back to.

For some reason the download sgf file appears to be for a different game though, maybe just for me.
welshgoplayer Hi the SGF download is incorrectly linked here. The linked file takes us to; Dang Yifei 4d - Paek Hong-seok 9d, W+R (Komi 6.5)
4th BC Card International Cup Final, Game 1, 2012-05-12.
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