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Opening > Direction and trick moves ‐ Lesson 01
May 10, 2012 by Dai JunFu 8d
Includes an interesting direction discussion plus two trick moves.
Duration: 23 minutes
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NannyOgg Cool lecture! I like this format and I learned interesting tidbits which surely will help me in my game. I sure have fallen for that second hamete, I did not know the correct solution till watching this lecture!

Thank you!

darek Excellent lecture, I really liked that it is divided into two parts, first part is a direction of play in fuseki and the second part is two different hamete moves. This division makes the lecture very light, and the lecturer keeps up a good pace with lots of practical egazmples. If only the audio could have been better

ger I agree with darek, hopefully the audio will be better for next lessons...
Darrell Malick Good lecture. I had to look up hamete. Sensei's says "... a trap in joseki, typically a tricky but incorrect play that requires skill to refute." Yep! Good stuff! I hate losing to a trick play!
DiogoBarbosa Thank you for the lecture.
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