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March 5, 2012 by Guo Juan 5p
Ten proverbs lecture 5
舍小就大 - Release the small and seize the big

Example games: 1, B: Wang Yao (王垚 6p), W: Zhou RuiYang (周睿羊 5p)
2, B: Wang Yao (王垚 6p), W: Lee ChangHo 9p, 2010-11-08
3, a game played by 3k.
Duration: 22 minutes
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This lesson desn't have a problem set yet.
jinjate This was an interesting series. Will it be finished with the other 5 proverbs?
Darrell Malick Guo Juan says "Thank you for the nice comment. Eventually, but I'm concentrating on some other topics right now"
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