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End game > Big endgame moves ‐ Lesson 1
January 17, 2008 by Guo Juan 5p
To know how big the moves like Black A and B are is very important. And if we learn some of them and recognize them in our games, we will certainly win more games.

Material: Zhao YuHong 7p, Guo Juan 5p.
Lesson: Guo Juan.
Duration: 41 minutes

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jotun Great lecture! I am a European 3d and learned much from every example. Very important to just memorize big those big endgame-moves. Especially, if you are always in byo-yomi, when yose begins, like I am...
Buri greetings,
I loved this lecture. I don`t like the books that use calculation for endgame for my level. it just does not work. Beginners like me need to turn 18 0 degrees to stop playing yose in the fuseki and scrambling around with dame moves after the middle game. This is actually a quite radical lecture that players should see much earlier IE from 16 kyuu onwards.
Thanks again,
Eureka Helpfull indeed!! I hate losing out of 3_5 point just because I don't see the potential at the endgame. Thank you!
todatom Excellent problem set. Will be great to have problem sets for the other 4 lectures in this series.
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