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Basic course > Topics ‐ 02 - Defending Corners ‐ Lesson 3
March 29, 2019 by Guo Juan 5p

- Playing direction

Black to play next. A and B, which move is better?
Duration: 8 minutes
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5 Problems
PJTraill At 4:13, Guo Juan says that when single doors oppose each other along a side, one should close one’s own door on that side. In the introduction to doors at https://internetgoschool.com/auth/lectures/1126.lecture?lang=xx&position=679.937 she says it is also /OK/ to close one’s own door, but suggests that it is a little better to attack one’s opponents door. How should one choose?
Darrell Malick Choose the one you like, or flip a coin.
PJTraill Defending Corners 3 – Contents: Choosing which corner to defend
- 00:50 Defend a single door first, also reduce opponents potential
- 02:38 Defend first where it limits opponent’s development (opposing open doors facing each other)
- 03:49 More facing opposing open doors
- 04:49 Chinese opening:Defend while limiting development (05:23, 05:41 not towards your own stones)
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