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Al Go > Alpha Go vs. Pros ‐ Lecture 2
February 9, 2017 by YoungSun Yoon 8p
Duration: 18 minutes
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10 Problems
afalturki Great lecture and interesting game.

Thank you
mescale After the 3-3 invasion, when Alpha go pushes once more than usual, does this help his group if white attacks by playing the 3-2 hane? Does it reduce the aji in the corner? If AG completed the joseki as normal the invasion wouldn't work, so the push on the second line may be small in points but if it reduces aji in sente and leaves weaknesses in White's wall it would seem to be a good move in this case.
Usually allowing white to build influence this early is bad if white gets to use the influence, but by avoiding the full joseki it be comes easier to reduce White's influence using the weaknesses of the wall.
Interesting :)
lightvector I think the extra push makes sense now after seeing the later invasion attacking the white wall. By my reading, it indeed makes the 3-2 white hane less senteish against black. Just as important, the extra push at 2-7 prevents white from playing the 2-7 turn himself. This turn threatens to kill the corner with the descent at 4-2, which all but forces black to go back and play the hane-and-connect and complete the original joseki shape. While this gives white gote and could be a bit slow, it also means white completely encloses black and builds a lot of eyeshape, which makes it a lot harder to engineer an effective attack.

So I think the meaning of the extra push is precisely to avoid having to play hane and connect in the future and give white bottom-side strength. You probably shouldn't trust me since I'm only a low-dan player, but I almost think the extra push should enter the joseki lexicon as a standard option. In particular, black should still definitely play the hane and connect when the invasion is purely to take points or it makes white overconcentrated on the bottom (often true of a 3-3 invasion later in the game). But if reducing the strength the white wall is important, then black should instead push once more to avoid having to play the hane and connect, and this should become a standard joseki as well.
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