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Opening > Opening training ‐ Lesson A3
May 14, 2006 by Guo Juan 5p
20 opening exercises with detailed commentary.

Material: Hu XiaoLing 2p, Guo Juan 5p.
Lesson: Guo Juan.
Duration: 34 minutes

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51 Problems
todatom Another excellent lecture
ikkenbasami Very usefull and for me the right fundamental lessons to become really stronger
Tsultruim I really love these lectures about opening basics. It's so good to see the tremendous difference between two moves that are only one space apart! Also, the insight that small differences played in the opening can make a huge difference in middel game fighting is a very nice lesson!
I also like the format of this lesson: 20 problems that you can think about yourself (the pause-button is your friend here) before listening to the answer.
Guo Juan I am glad you like this lecture. Thank you!
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