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Joseki > Step-by-step: Star point ‐ Lesson 03 ‐ Follow-up A
January 12, 2016 by YoungSun Yoon 8p

After the Joseki in the upper right corner, when should we play move 1 and 3?
Duration: 13 minutes

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20 Problems
Machinato Is it possible to "go back" to a previous problem instead of being forced to move forward to the "next" problem? If it is possible will someone please explain how? Thank you.
rabitz U use the go back arrow (go back one page) on my browser (Firefox) to return to the previous page. I then see the previous problem where I last left it, with whatever stones were played, and I can then start over or go back a move at a time.
rabitz *I use... Sorry about the typo. Tried to correct it but couldn't figure out how.
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