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Joseki > Step-by-step: Star point ‐ Lesson 02 ‐ Follow-up B
November 21, 2015 by YoungSun Yoon 8p

We will learn how to handle White's move A, B and C.
Duration: 17 minutes

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31 Problems
sesbes At time 1:03 Young Sun mentions that black's move pushing up at M16 against white's kosumi is a mistake. Katago recommends M16 as the best move. Black's mistake is L15 in the very next move. Black should cut on the other side without playing L15 first. Assuming the rest of the moves are similar and white kills black group, black still gets an advantage of 11 points over white, instead of 6 point advantage to white. So losing the stones is OK for black as long as he gets outside thickness.
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