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May 7, 2006 by Guo Juan 5p
20 opening exercises with detailed commentary.

Material: Hu XiaoLing 2p, Guo Juan 5p.
Lesson: Guo Juan.
Duration: 40 minutes

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51 Problems
todatom Excellent lecture. I particularly like the explanations for all the alternatives, not just the correct / best one. I'm 12k and this is only the 2nd lecture, but already many of the solutions are not obvious to me. For sure I will do all the lectures, but perhaps there should be a range indication (suitable for Xk to Yk) for each lecture.
ikkenbasami Really nice. I would like to have problems associated with this lecture as well to my training system. Maybe you can add some. Best Wishes
Darrell Malick Now there are problems to go with the lecture! :)
afalturki Excellent and fundamental lectures. Highly recommended
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