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Joseki > Step-by-step: Star point ‐ Lesson 01 ‐ Follow-up C
October 11, 2015 by YoungSun Yoon 8p
Duration: 21 minutes

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35 Problems
wrex The correct play by black at 5:16 in this lecture (a "V" shape of single black stones against a solid wall of white) blew my mind. Never in a million years would it have occurred to me to even consider that move in an actual game — the resulting position looks like something from a 30 kyu game! Fascinating.

Ms. Young cracked me up with her dry, understated "yeah, I know it looks like a lot of cutting points...." It's so great to learn something surprising like this from a pro. I simply have to try to get this amazing position to occur in an actual game.
PFRipper There is a move I see all the time that is not in this lecture. http://eidogo.com/#u54Q4Fym shows it. What is the best move here? To atari and connect?
HalcyonDay Normally, when you shoulder hit as a follow up move (A in the video), the opponent will block. However, if the opponent instead plays the extension (i.e., an extension/one space jump in relation to their two space jump), it appears that you will lose sente. What should you do in that case?
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