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Joseki > Step-by-step: Star point ‐ Lesson 01 ‐ Follow-up B
September 28, 2015 by YoungSun Yoon 8p
Duration: 16 minutes

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25 Problems
gaxxlol The picture shows a tesuji "3". In the video it is suggested that if White has a knight's move instead of the 2-space extension, then "3" works even if Black has a ladder breaker. I don't think you should rely on this as White, because I found I found this on Josekipedia: http://www.josekipedia.com/#path:pdqfncrdqcphttlcttrcrbpbobqbrapcqdodpeoepfqerf
gaxxlol (The position I talk about is in the lecture at 11:40)
Noruego AMAZING. Finally I'm getting answers to all the questions I have ever had about this joseki. Thank you so much.
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