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May 5, 2006 by Guo Juan 5p

20 opening examples with detailed commentary. And there are 71 problems for you to use the Spaced repetition training system.

Material: Hu XiaoLing 2p, Guo Juan 5p.
Lesson: Guo Juan.
Duration: 48 minutes

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71 Problems
Buri Guo Juan says in this lecture that, in her experience, because western players lack real, training in fundamentals they achieve a fairly high level and then get stuck. I can`t comment on this because I am not high level but I have read most of the best known books on the opening and I am convinced Guo Juan`s suggestion that this kind of basic material is not available is basically correct. Some of it can be found spread over various books, some books just contain useful maxims, but this lectures contain the absolute fundamentals on which all these opening books are based and without them those very attractive books are far less useful than one thinks. There are certainly books at a slightly higher level presenting excellent problems , but without having these crucial , simple rules drilled in I found myself making good guesses without ever knowing -exactly= why one should do something on every occasion. Therefore I will study even just the first lecture of this series over and over again and consider it time very well spent indeed.
go123 This lesson shocked me because it shows how details affect the game and how wonderful game Go is. I think it must be studied again time to time.
merlyn.albery Still valuable for me at 6k.
todatom Excellent lecture. I hope the others in this series are as good and that I remember some of the points.
ikkenbasami Excellent basics and fundamental lessons. Gives me a solid feeling of beeing on the right track to learn play better go.
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