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Basic course > Basics: Step-by-step ‐ Lesson 02 ‐ B
October 5, 2014 by Guo Juan 5p
- One basic shape.
- Two josekis.
Duration: 16 minutes

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DiogoBarbosa Very useful, thank you for the lecture!

From a wall, the best extension is the number of spaces of the height of the wall, plus one. This rule can be applied to walls of heights one to four, and in rare occasions, five.
theboss7 Really a good lesson , not only for the rule about the height of the wall but in particular for the joseki explanation and the part about typical mistakes. A precious lesson.
NeonGoban Just a comment that as a very new beginner (studying Go for less than 2 weeks), I'm going through all these exercises in order, and the jump up from the basic life & death and eye shape lessons to these exercises is quite significant -- mainly because of the Joseki. I think it's assumed that we recognize them even though the instruction in them occurs after the Basic Course. They certainly feel a bit advanced for someone who is learning about "two stone wall, three space jump" in the first place! Just some feedback. Thank you.
Darrell Malick Hi Neongoban, yeah, seeing joseki for the first time is a bit of a shock, but you'll need to be familiar with a couple basic ones very soon as you play games. The Training System problems will help make it easier.
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