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Life & Death > Corner shapes ‐ 04: Small pig snout ‐ Lesson 1
September 13, 2014 by Guo Juan 5p
Duration: 14 minutes
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12 Problems
ikkenbasami Very helpful to have a fundamental understanding of this shape. This lesson gives me the possibility to make a solid decision, about how to kill, KO, or even prevent this shape in the corner.
PJTraill -: Contents :-
00:00 Greeting, introduce pig snout with outside closed (open: next lecture)
00:40 How attacker makes ko: 2-1
01:25 Typical mistakes in attack:
01:31 … (A) Start at 2-2: corner lives
01:58 … (B) Descend to 1-5: corner lives
02:18 Mistakes leading to shape
02:22 Joseki: 3-3 Invasion under 4-4 + 6-3 (should be ko)
03:12 … Hane (2-4) without push (4-3), then connect (2-3) (A) makes a worse ko: does not hurt outside
04:48 … (B) Attacker can jump to 4-2 to kill
06:18 Pig snout with 2 stones on 2nd line: alive, because capturing them does not make ko (but is sente)!
08:49 Joseki: Jump into corner from 3-6: if invasor greedy, must sacrifice 4 in gote to live without ko, letting opponent connect
12:15 With outside open: in next lecture
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