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New feature - Year Memebership

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2010-01-19 15:38
Guo Juan Dear Go friends,
Our audio Go lesson site has a new feature, Year Membership, which gives you access to all the lectures for one year.
I hope this helps you have fun and enjoy our audio lectures.
You can purchase your Year Membership via your account page.
Thanks for your support!

2010-03-15 17:24
burrito Hooray! I had no idea about this change until I saw the email today! This has been my #1 request since I first discovered the site.

2010-03-15 17:56
jrs Thank you for adding the new annual membership option.

2010-04-25 12:38
hans Count me in as big fan of the year membership.
I have this membership since February and have benefited a lot, especially in this period when I have a little less time for to study go.
So, why is this great for me?

First of all, I am often overindulgent and when I see a new lesson or game review, I want to have a look at it. Without the year subscription, this will lead to a long list of lessons that 'have to be' finished before they run out. Of,course for just one euro I might as well buy a one month extension, but somehow the deadlines force me into trying to finish the lessons. I have to mention here that I always create an SGF file with variations and comments about the lesson. So this involves a bit of work to get it done.

Second, this is a great opportunity to go over old lessons once more. I have been a member since the site started, so there are quite a number of lessons that I followed, which could do with a fresh-up. I did notice that in the beginning my annotated SGF files did not have so many comments inserted, so I can patch that up now.

Third, it is now easier for me to watch beginners lessons. I am always curious what they are about. Of course, sometimes, these are less relevant, because I am not a beginner, but sometimes it is interesting to go over some fundamental things and think about it.

So, I like the year membership and hey ... maybe there is something in a for you too.

2010-12-28 19:17
ckgaty Where is the specifics information on the year memebership? In searching this website for information on the year memebership. I can not seem to locate the cost or the place to sign-up. I bet it is here somewhere but I can't seem to see it. Maybe you could review the placement so that it is more obvious.

2010-12-28 22:50
bobbacon You need to log in to your Internet Go School account, and then go to the "Your Account" page. That page will have an option to purchase the year membership. I hope this helps!

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