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Time Question

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2009-12-04 23:42
caveman I saw a discussion on KGS a couple of days ago where some 1d - 5k players were saying that a good time control for beginners is 5min + 5x0:30 or so.

Thoughts on this idea?

I've heard elsewhere that beginners shouldn't think too long, but is this too fast, not fast enough, or just right?

2009-12-05 13:43
Guo Juan It depends on the players. I think 5min is too short if you only play 5min games. Fast games do help our reading, improve on shapes. But I would not let my students only play fast games. I think 30 min games would be very good for improvement, because you will have some time to think instead of just putting stones on board without any ideas about what you are doing. I think it is good to play more 30 min games, and some times play a few 5min. games.

2011-03-13 22:50
Ice I like to play fewer games with 30 min time. It's like eating in a fine restaurant once, rather than eating in McDonalds 10 times. Quality over quantity they say :D

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