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Understanding joseki

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2009-11-03 22:24
mibert Hi. I am 14kyu on KGS on I have found the lessons very interesting. I thing it would be much better to create separate lessons for josekis (for simple ones) for 10k - 20k players. As I understand joseki principle if both players play them correctly they get even result. But I would like to know how to take credit from opponent's error in josekis :)
I do believe than dan 1k -10k players can understand it by themselves but I talked to several players around my rank and they are not sure how to respond to not standard response in josekis.

2009-11-04 13:20
Guo Juan Yes, it is already on our to-do list. For this subject Mingjiu 7p has already quite a few lectures (http://internetgoschool.com/lectures.vhtml?tab=11#44). They are for all levels. But I guess I need to make some for 30k - 1k level, about the real basic josekis.

2012-08-06 23:35
Buri Greetings,
I think this is a good point and I often feel the same way.
At the same time, I wonder if it might not encourage the dark side of joseki study. Like you, I think joseki study is crucial and I find that those who don`t bother generally have bad shape and defective playing technique.
However, the danger of joseki is that it becomes an exercise in rote memory rather than a thinking challenge. Kageyama writes i his book (Lessons in the Fundamental of Go)`Every stone played by both sides in a joseki is the best move, so it isimportnat to know the reason for it-its content, its meaning.If you can convince yourself as to why the stone is played where it is, and why it is a good move, then you have done some studying.`
So if one has really gone through this process then I think the `incorrect moves` done by your opponet can also be fitted into this thinking and we can attack them very strongly. Probably the most useful training to go with this kind of joseki study is simply life and death problems. If your opponet plays a bas move in a joseki then your reading ability will allow you to punish them.
The danger of learning what to do in scenario x, is that it might become just another pattern to memorize on top of memorizing joseki. This is not necessarily healthy except for every now and then, in my opinion.

2014-10-04 21:06
Guo Juan Hello mibert, our new Training system will solve this problem. You will find it is much easier to study joseki now.

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