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How to win a tournament game

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2009-10-09 16:51
DanielTom Hello :)
We all know Guo Juan has a lot of tournament experience so I was wondering... wouldn't it be nice if we had lectures on how to beat stronger players, or about fast/easy josekis (for peaceful players, for example) or any other kind of topic that would help us to win important (but stressful) games? Guo Juan is a very good teacher (at least when I watch her lectures I feel she understands me ;)) so any lecture with general advice on the fundamentals that would make us feel confident before playing a serious game would be very nice to watch... I guess in this site there are already many good lectures that cover this, but I bet everyone would like to see a new category only for this theme :)
Best regards - DT

2009-10-11 03:42
Guo Juan It is on my to-do list now. So how about a subject 'How to play our best in tournament'?
Thank you for your suggest!

2009-10-11 16:25
DanielTom "How to play our best in tournament" sounds perfect :)

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