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Replaying profesional games

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2006-06-28 02:11
j.corbella What profesional players should choose a 10kyu to replay games and to do the exercise to memorize until 100 moves by example?

2006-06-29 01:33
Guo Juan Since this is a big subject, I would like to take some time to think before answer your question.

Anybody has good ideas?

2006-07-05 18:57
arnaudboucherie Otake Hideo was highly praised by players would studied his games (I did not study them myself). You can find several hundred of his games on go4go or gobase.

2006-07-17 21:17
e.ludwig Takagawa Shukaku is known for playing simple moves!

keep 2 the basics is enough..;-)))

2006-07-18 20:23
j.corbella I decided to try the next feature. I memorized the game between Lee ChangHao and Luo Xihe from Samsung Cup. I got the sgf file from gogameworld with a little comments. I replayed this game in a real board until I could replay more than 100 moves memorized. After this I got the audiogolesson from this game. It was very usefull, watching the lesson and knowing the moves and the flow of the game in advanced. This helped me a lot to understand the josekis played, the explanations from Guo were nice and easy to understand and I think doing it I can get the most of the audiogolessons about professional games.

2006-08-02 03:30
Guo Juan For the moment I have an idea for you. We have many wonderful pro games on our site, to study them is really good for every body. But I suggest you to replay the games before you watch the audio lectures.

Later we may have down loading sgf file system (only for the games we report on our site). Before we have this system you can find all the games we published on our site from Gobase or Mater Go, or other sites.

It is very good to replay them for one or two times before you watch our audio lectures, it will give you some ideas about the game, and easier to follow the lectures.

I am still on my summer Go trips. I will get back on this subject again later.

2006-08-25 11:27
Guo Juan We have 1 pro game each week, they are all very interesting. But before you watch the audio lectures, it is better if you replay the game first. You can get the games on GoBase. Thus replay the game one or two times, have little ideas about the game. Then you watch our audio lecture. This is a good way to study pro games.

Have fun!

2006-08-26 11:40
j.corbella Yes Guo, I'm doing it, before to watch the lecture I replay the professional games until I can replay around 100 moves, I need a couple hours to be able to do it and after I get the lecture. I think this is usefull, my opening is improving and I can learn some josekis in the corner.
It's very nice that we can have one professional game every week.
I'm focusing in news players as Gu Li, Chen Yaoye, Lee Sedol and Lee Chang Ho. I like to see how they introduce new moves, new sort of openings and we can learn from the mistakes that they make also.

2006-09-16 15:23
Guo Juan Replay pro games is very good. But the way to study it is important. One thing comes to my mind which I want to share with you is: learn the things which touches your heart and which you can understand. If a move catches your eyes, you get excited: Wow! Nice move, I want to play this! Then take more time to study it.

In each pro game, if you can have such a wonderful moment, that means you really understand something. That would be good enough.

Do not try to understand every thing, especially the things which let you floating in the air.

Have fun!

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