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choosing the right pincer

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2009-09-25 15:47
burrito I'd like to suggest a lecture series on pincers and how to chose them appropriately. What are the things you look for decide that a pincer is the appropriate strategy? High or low? Far or near? Some aspects are covered in the various lectures like the joseki lectures and in the high/low moves lectures, but I think it's a topic that I could do with some more insight into. Obviously responding to pincers is an important aspect too.

As a related topic, I would really love some lectures on double approach joseki and ideas. I find I'm faced with double approaches on a start point a lot, especially in handicap games. I've studied the basic patterns a bit, but a few higher level ideas and some theory would go a long way. Oh, and speaking of handicap games and lectures, why not a series on giving and taking handicap stones?

So many lecture ideas, so little time, right? :)

2009-09-26 13:36
Guo Juan Hehe :-) I just started three lectures on this subject. The first lecture is online 2 minutes ago. Enjoy!
The next basic lecture will be <Dealing with pincer>, also there lectures. About handicap games, we will have some lectures, but for now you can already find one in the free lecture section.

2009-09-27 00:50
burrito That's brilliant. What other go site can promise such fast service? :)

I know which lecture I'll be watching tonight :)

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