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end games lessons

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2009-06-20 05:37
burrito I was a little disappointed with the "big end game moves" lessons. As usual, the content was not bad, but it was not what I expected. Over the 4 lessons, I saw many different joseki positions and was told to memorize how many points they were worth in the end game. That's good, though honestly that's really the kind of information I want to learn when I learn the joseki in the first place.

In any event, how do I make use of this information? I already knew those points were big and my endgame, though not strong, is at least to the point where I try and make bigger moves before smaller ones. So, I'm not sure how having the information in the lessons is supposed to improve my game. I guess some of those moves were a little bigger/smaller than I thought, which will help if I encounter those exact positions. But really, I'm at a loss how to action those ideas in my game.

Am I missing something that I should have gotten out of those lessons?

2009-06-20 19:31
Guo Juan End game is not easy, even for pros it is really hard. There are many books about it but I found it is very difficult to learn from them because they are talking immediately about all the details which I found quite confusion. To help our students to gain points and win more games, I teach two things. The first one is to change our way of play in the end game, that is move our eyes to second and first line moves. And then I tell them some big end game moves which we see often in our games. I think just these two things can already help you to win more games. We will have more lessons about end game. But I will make it the way that our students do not need to learn exact points of each moves (impossible even for pros), but still play more big moves...

2009-06-22 20:05
burrito Thanks. I guess maybe I got what was intended out of those lessons then. :) I hope you'll do higher level endgame lessons at some point. In the meantime, perhaps you could post one final lesson with either a few problems or maybe a real game where you talk about some of the end game concerns and how a player should apply the information from those first 4 lessons in a real game. Thanks!

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