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Thanks for this site.

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2009-05-01 04:33
luckyedge I started playing Go March 26th of this year. I found your site on March 28th looking for ways to improve. I went ahead and bought the 105 lessons since I am serious about learning this game and the price is great. So far I have seen 16 of your lessons. I have gone from 30 kyu to 9 kyu in one month. I still make a lot of mistakes especially in reading difficult middle game fights. But I feel I have improved a lot thanks to the lessons. Keep up the great work a lifetime customer.

KGS name LuckyEdge

2009-05-01 16:55
Guo Juan We are planing to make our own life-death problem training system, but it will take some time because it needs a lot of programming work.
For now, you should solve more problems which will help your reading very much. Any problem books or you find online are good.
Thank you so much for your support!

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