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need to get better

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2009-04-26 03:23
gamasand hi im gamasandx on kgs im about 7k-9k and latley ive been losing games so im wondering if any of u higher reanks r willing to try and help me get better at the game if so leave my a message on gs plz xD

2009-06-09 22:24
FalconsBlade My dear friend Kirby,
Never forget go is about losing the first 1000 games. Go is about fun. Go is about never giving up on your goals. Always remember higher ranks have flaws too. Best I can recommend for you is that you keep playing the go you like and not the go others play. Always play the move you like. Never learn joseki, learn full board analysis. Start with moves that reflect your soul and spirit and you will never be dissapointed in your go. Best regards and farewell my friend.

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