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Study Guide :)

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2009-04-18 01:59
Signsen Hello, I am Signsen on KGS and I just reached 16k. I have been playing GO since March 16 and feel like I am improving quickly :). My question is: Where should I start on the Study Guide? I have been to some of Guo Juan's free lessons on KGS so I know the quality of any of the lessons will be outstanding, but I just don't know where to start.

2009-04-18 12:12
Guo Juan Hello Signsen, You are welcome to our audio lesson site! I think any of the basic lessons are good for you, for example the 'Step course' (do not go too fast), 'Important Stones,' lessons in ''Basice Course'', ''Opening training'' A level, ''MiddleGame training'' A level...

Please play as many games as you have the time, and solve a couple of life-death problems per day would help also very much.

2009-04-19 07:25
Signsen Thank you very much :). I have started on the Step by Step course and am enjoying it allot it is very useful and explains many of the moves that I was doing but not really understanding why. I am already studying life and death everyday (from a Life and Death book by James Davies) and playing often on KGS :). Thank you very much for the recommendations and this site. The audio lessons are fantastic I learn allot from them :).

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