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Kobayashi 2 opening

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2009-03-31 02:26
rs220675 I'm a big fan of the Kobayashi 2!!! opening (not the usual Kobayashi with kakari in move 3). Any chance you do a series or a lesson on this opening once? I have a lot of questions about the fundamental ideas behind this opening...the opening seems so unimpressive but has some real toughness if used correctly. I could make a sgf file with the questions this opening raises (I'm 2k)...I know that in my case I shouldn't hang on too much on openings, but it's fun for me to study the basic concepts of openings.

Are there any audio lessons (besides the latest Hane Naoki game which I purchased already :)) dealing with some deeper issues of the Kobayashi 2?

2009-04-02 00:18
Guo Juan Actually I haven't finish the work on Kobayashi Opening yet. Because there were some variations I don't know myself! I am studing them now and will continue work on this opening. I think there will be two or three more lectures. But please list your questions in sgf file, and send it to me. I will answer them in the new lectures or on kgs. Thanks a lot for your support!

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