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replaying lessons

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2009-03-29 20:25
burrito I love the lessons here, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one of your customers who experiences a great deal of pain when lessons expire. Being forced to pay full price to replay a previously purchased lesson really isn't very reasonable, though I can definitely appreciate the fears you might have in making lessons available forever. So, I'd like to suggest a few changes you could consider making that would make people like me who are willing to send money your way happier and more willing to send even more money your way.

One option that would make me very happy would be to simply add a more affordable way to rewatch lessons. For instance, I started the star point lessons a few months ago and got distracted by life. I'd like to finish them, but I feel I should rewatch those early lessons to get back in the right frame of mind. While paying the full price is just too much, I would generally be quite willing to pay, for example, .25€ to reactivate a previously purchased lesson. I can't speak for others, but that is the sweet spot for me where I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase lessons.

Another option, which I think would be really nice, but would require more work on your part would be to allow us to keep a small number of lessons available all the time in exchange for a subscription fee. For example, you might charge 5€ a month to us and we would get 5 new lesson credits and 5 slots to reactive older lessons just for that month. To me, this would be ideal. I could have a steady supply of new lessons every month while feeling confident that I can revisit any lesson I want at a later date. The site would get regular subscription income, which I'm sure be quite welcome.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you take my ideas as constructive criticism as an otherwise satisfied customer.

2009-03-30 14:25
Guo Juan First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your stupport! I really like your suggestions. We will certainly work on this. Only, all these things need a lot of programming work which I can not do :) I hope after April, our webmaster will have more time to help us. Thanks for your patience!

2009-03-31 04:34
burrito Yes, I am a programmer myself, so I completely understand that websites don't build themselves. I tried to limit my suggestions to things that could be implemented relatively easily, but of course I have many more ideas that would take more effort to develop. :)

If you ever want some inspiration on what else a go training site should look like, I definitely recommend looking at the poker training sites. When I'm not studying go, I'm usually watching the lectures/lessons on those sites. There's really a lot of interesting things being done in online game training.

2009-04-02 00:11
Guo Juan Any suggestions or ideas are very welcome. Please write them here so we can step by step work on them. And I hope more people will join this discussion! Yes, we need your help!
Thank you so much!

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