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iPod-friendly lessons

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2009-02-26 21:50
burrito I realize with that with the way the lessons have been recorded that the chances of this are very low, but nonetheless I'd like to toss my vote in for video lessons in a format that I could toss into iTunes and load onto my iPod to view anywhere. It's nice to have online access, but if I could take my lessons with me I'm pretty sure that I would buy about 10 times as many lessons as I would otherwise. In my dream world, the lessons could be bought on the itunes store with 1-click too.

Just a thought. :)

2009-03-20 22:07
claude We'll think about it!

2009-04-29 10:26
sythesj I agree with Norman, I have an iPod touch and would enjoy going through a lesson on my lunch break in the park. I would also pay more than the 1 euro for these.

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