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Problem to see lessons on linux

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2009-02-16 20:07
simogonub Hi i can't see the lecture on linux, the browser is firefox with jre 1.6
i see only al little square with the high right corner of the goban and then the applet get blocked. how can i solve this problem? Tanks

2009-02-17 00:19
bobbacon Hi, Simone: Maybe it's related to a problem with jre 1.6. Can you install an older version of the jre and try that?

2009-03-20 22:07
claude No, it work well on my machine with the latest JRE. You could try to activate the Java console to get some informations on this bug.

2009-04-13 23:28
chro There are some problems with Java in browser for some versions of Linux. It may looks like applets don't work out of box or Java Web Start not running. One of proposition is to download new version of Java from java.com

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