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Go and Mathamatics

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2009-01-14 06:36
Crumb As a student, math has always been incredibly difficult as a subject for me. I have done extremely poorly in math all my life! How ever, I took up Go the summer before I took a very challenging level of mathematics, and all of a sudden Math was very much easier for me and I could remember the complicated formulas! I like to think that Go has enabled me to do well in mathematics, and this is why I continue studying Go very rigorously. As the mathematics courses got more difficult, my rank in Go increase and so did my math grade. Thank you Go for making me good at math! And thank you all teachers for providing very insightful lectures!

2011-07-09 22:03
osoraku Interesting! Maybe Go just increased your confidence?

2011-08-29 08:55
goTree I totally aree! I started playing go on my 4rth year of highschool (there are 5 years here in Italy) and got 8/10th, 9 in the last year while the other years I was around 6 (narrow pass).
the main thing I noticed it was the ease to follow the steps, I mean I was always very fast at finding a way to solve the problems but used to get lost and make mistakes, but after a few months of go all these problems started looking trivial.
though the reverse doesn't seem true, I know a math teacher who started playing go a few years ago and just can't follow the game, I mean he always gets lost in 2/3 steps sequences. maybe because go helps you clear your mind while math, at university level, doesn't.

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