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Study 10 kyu

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2008-11-20 07:41
leon.riosjoels Hello i am 10 Kyu KGS almost 9 kyu and i started learn WeiQi end july but i am taking study guide 30 to 20 kyu, I already took 10 classes and when i finish all the 30-20 i plan to take 20 kyu to 10 kyu, my question is, if it is good in order to build a strong base for my future improvement since i want become stronger, or i should pick more advance classes or skip the game review and typical mitakes thanks a lot

2008-11-20 15:07
Guo Juan As a teacher, I know how important a strong base is. So normally I would not advice our students to go too fast. But it seems you are improving really fast, so I think you can start the the lessons from 20k to 10k now. Have fun!

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