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Safety Certificate expired ?

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2008-07-31 11:32
s.schwanhaeusser Hi! When i try to login to this site (User Info) firefox tells me that the safety certificate (or something like that, im translating from german) has expired and that my data might not be secure.

I can then go on and make this site a rules-exception and it seems to work, but i´d rather not do that.

So, is this my problem, your problem, or no problem?

thx in advance,


2008-09-04 00:58
thomas.pourcelot Hi,
I have the same message as you. I'm also on Firefox. I wonder if this is specific to Firefox security policy, or wether IE and other browsers display the same message ?

Anyway it is only a very minor inconvenience to me, as it doesn't prevent me from watching the lectures. Yet it's true I don't like Firefox telling me the site is not correctly securised. I don't believe there is any risk at all, but I'm no expert on internet security.

2008-09-21 16:12
Guo Juan Our audio site will move to a new home very soon, hopefully this month.
Meanwhile you should be able to proceed anyway. The method depends upon the browser, for instance on firefox 3 you must click on "add an exception", then get the certificate and confirm the exception.

Thanks for your patience,

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