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dan level material

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2007-09-26 07:31
francisco.ceruti I´ve been waiting for a while now for the C level middle game training, and more reacently the dan level game review. I´d like to know when are you planning on releasing this lessons.

Thank you

2007-09-26 16:42
Guo Juan I have finished the first lectures for kuy level on game reviews. This Saturday is the pro game day, but from next week I will have game reviews for dan level. Thanks for your patience.

Jennie is working on C level of Middle game training, she will answer you this question.

2007-09-26 23:15
kimxmm I'm working on middle game training Level C, 1d-5d, the first lecture will come out soon (early next month) . sorry for the delay, and thank you for supporting us.


2007-09-28 03:25
francisco.ceruti GOOD NEWS =D

thank you

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