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Question on position in "All about Invasion 11"

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2007-08-31 21:53
VeniVidiCogitavi I have a question about a position that comes up in "All about Invasion" lesson 11... At around 35:10, Jiang MingJiu distinguishes two similar positions, one of which gains an eye in sente and the other of which gains one in gote. But I don't see the "sente-ness" of the first version?

At first I thought that it must be that, in order to prevent White from getting 2 eyes directly, Black has to continue - I presume at S14. But, then, in order to keep even 1 eye there, it looks like White needs to play T17, which loses sente again. I hope I can hear a few words about this position?

BTW, this has been an excellent series - I look forward to future invasion lessons. Our teachers have done a great service building up this library of knowledge.

2007-09-07 22:55
Guo Juan MingJiu is very busy so I will answer your question.

What MingJiu wanted to tell us is, white should play at T15 instead of T14, because even black plays at T17 after white T15, T15 gives white an eye already at S15, there is no way for black to take away that eye at S15. But if we play at T14, black can cut at S15, white can kill this cutting stone by playing at T15, but black has T17 atari sente. This means white needs to take the cutting stone to be able to keep this one eye, in gote.

Thanks for supporting us!

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