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Go Problems, Software and Websites

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2007-04-13 22:21
benjamin.cordes There is a very good software available for free: http://gogrinder.sourceforge.net
With this you can browser through problems, annotate, etc.

It works with goproblems.com

On the site it says that Cho's Encyclopedia of Life and Death is available on CD. Does anyone posses this CD?

I would like to study my problems in some order that makes sense. I'm around 10kyu.

The problems from goproblems are very often not really very good. I'm thinking about collecting and sharing my own problem database.

2013-08-28 08:22
merlyn.albery I'm looking for the SGF myself. You can find the PDF online for free (without the solutions), but it seems that it's not possible to buy the SGF online anywhere.

2013-08-28 14:20
Guo Juan Our webmaster is busy working on a new system, The training system. This will help our students train on all kinds of problems, including problem sets from our lectures.

2014-10-04 20:59
Guo Juan Hello all. Our new training system is online for more than two month now. Did you try it? What do you think about it? Any feedback and suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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