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King Kong by Master Lim from Paris

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2007-04-12 19:41
Guo Juan Twenty-five years ago in Paris, at the “Cité Universitaire” (Student housing complex), there were two south-Korean students. Kim and Kong, both Go players of a strength equivalent to today’s 3kyu “weasel” style.
One afternoon, Kim came into the Trait-d’Union (café and Go-club headquarters back then).
- “Master Lim, I’m totally disgusted, I can’t sleep, I can’t study : who’s stronger, Kong or me ?”
- “What happened ?”
- “Last night we played a series of variable handicap games. I should have won the first game, but because of a silly oversight, I lost. I got discourage and started playing ridiculous moves. Early this morning, with an eight-stone handicap, I lost ! Shit ! Now I have to take nine stones against him ! But really, he’s clearly weaker than me, right ? What’s going on ?”
- “When he capitulated to the Allies, the Japanese emperor Hirohito, in tears, declared to his subjects : we must tolerate the intolerable. We must bear the unbearable.”
- “Impossible ! I’m going to give up Go…”.

A weak later, it was Kong who came into the Trait-d’Union.
- “ Master Lim, you know Kim. He’s really mickey-mouse Go player. If I play seriously and apply myself, I can give him at least four stones. But last night I was tired and I lost a lot of games. Now that little nerd is giving ME nine stones ! It looks like a long row to hoe to get back to the normal state of affairs…”

Truly, they were “King-Kong” the Kings of the Kongs (1).

(1) Translator’s note: this is English/French wordplay. “Kong” sounds like the French “con”, which means something like a combination of “idiot” and “jerk”.

By Master Lim (Lim Yoo Jong)
Originally translated and published in Gospell 5, review of the 41st European Go Congress (Marseille 1997) with the title “ Memories of vanished players : King Kong “.

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