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tech problem: browser closes itself

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2007-04-04 19:20
s.schwanhaeusser hi!

i enjoy using this site for quite some time now, but right now a little problem has come up since i try to view the lessons with my newly bought laptop: whenever i try to watch a lesson my browser closes itself completely (all the open windows)

i have installed the newest JRE (kgs runs fine),
disabled antivirus, windows firewall and any other program that was running,
disabled any security blocks in the browsers if present
checked with the newest ad-aware for spyware,
tried it with Internet Explorer 6.0..., Firefox, Netscape 8.1.3, Opera 9.10.

im getting the best result with opera, it doesnt close itself, takes 15 minutes to load the goban. when i press the play button it turns red and nothing else happens (something similar has been described in another thread, but i couldnt change this by disabling my antivirus program. it still doesnt work).

my computer is a Core2Duo 7200 (laptop) 2x2Ghz
Ati Mobility X1700 (newest drivers, didnt work with old ones either)

anybody can help ?

2007-04-04 19:45
s.schwanhaeusser installing jre6 solved it (got it with google since it seems not to be on the java.com website ?)

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