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The Go Master

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2007-03-30 19:19
Guo Juan Once upon a time, a very famous Go Master paid a visit to a Go club in a small town. The players, surprised and delighted, immediately took him to the best restaurant in town and treated him to a feast.

After that, everyone gathered at the club to hear the teaching of the Master. He began by asking, “Do you know what I’m going to say tonight?”
The audience, puzzled, replied “no” in unison. The Master then started shouting, “You stupid imbecile! I’m not going to waste my breath teaching such a bunch of idiots!”. He turned on his heels and ran away.

The players ran after him, tried to calm him down, and begged him to resume the lesson. After much bowing and scraping, the Master softened up a bit and agreed to stay, on the condition that he gives the lesson the next day.

Thus the Master enjoyed a good night’s sleep in the most expensive hotel in town, then an excellent breakfast, a splendid lunch, and a delicious nap while the players fulfilled their respective daily obligations.
On the evening of the second day, the audience gathered round again. The Master looked everyone in the eye before asking, “Do you know what I’m going to say tonight?”
This time, the players all nodded at once. ”So, if you already know, it’s no use saying anything!” and again turned on his heels and ran away.
Again the players ran after him, apologised for their stupidity, and convinced him to stay on.

The Master had another good night’s sleep, breakfast and so on until the evening when the crowd assembled again to hear so famous a Master. But when he asked, “Do you know what I’m going to say tonight?” they were troubled and half of them replied “no” while the other half replied “yes”.
Hearing this, the Master said “Then let those who know explain to those who don’t!” and took off running.
The audience was so puzzled that no one even attempted to run after him.

Written by Anne Tombarello, adapted from a Persian story
Originally published in Gospell 5, review of the 41st European Go Congress (Marseille 1997).

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