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Question to Guo Juan and other participants of audiogolessons

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2007-03-15 23:12
rs220675 Hi there!

This question goes not only to Guo Juan, but all the people who have already experienced audiogolessons. So far I (2k KGS) follow the stepbystep- course and the "typical mistakes"-course regularly. Because I play very often (and I mean really: very very often :)) Chinese Opening, I wanna know in which other lectures I can find interesting teachings about patterns/problems that occur/are connected during/to Chinese Opening.

So just feel free to give me some advice which other lectures I could still watch as a Chinese Opening-maniac :)....


2007-03-16 01:34
Guo Juan Hi,
Actually I am working on Chinese Opening at this moment. My plan was finished all the lessons on this subject, and start to publish them in the summer where I am visiting European and US go congresses.
Can you still wait? If not, I will publish them little earlier :)
Thanks for supporting us!

2007-03-16 15:13
rs220675 Thx@guo...what great news...the earlier, the better :)...in the meantime I may try the attacking-series....

2007-06-08 22:22
rs220675 Hi Guo,

well I reach my panic level now, I can't wait no longer till the Chinese opening lessons start :) - when will it be?

Also: Will you make a lecture about the 62nd Honinbo game 3 (I think it was this) where they played Chinese opening too?

2007-06-09 11:24
Guo Juan I am going to publish the Chinese opening beginning the second week of July, which is the week I will be attending the European Go Congress. After the European Go Congress I will be at the US Go Congress, which means I will not have much time to work on our audio site. I have prepared the Chinese opening lectures for these weeks when I am working away from home.

And, yes, I think we will have lectures on all 62nd Honinbo challenging games. But first, we will publish the games from the Judan match.

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