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Proposal for improvement...

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2007-02-14 22:10
rs220675 Since there are very many lectures available, one could consider of doing a little content-writing of each lecture. Once I wanted to check out a special joseki that occurs with the Chinese Opening. I picked Common Opening 8, but it wasn't there (the lecture was interesting anyway :)). But I catch myself of not buying a lecture because I don't know what the lecture exactly deals with.

E.g. in the 3-4 point joseki lecture you could use the josekinames that are explained in the lecture. Also in general lectures (Common Opeings) you could give a little describtion about the fusekis or problems (sacrificing, invading etc.) within. It's also possible to do it just for the future....

2007-02-15 02:27
Guo Juan This is a very good suggestion indeed, thanks a lot. The only thing is, without a board it is very hard to tell about the details. We need to think a way.

Anyone has good ideas?

2007-02-25 04:31
francisco.ceruti maybe you could put some pics

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