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Please could we have some lectures on handicap Go?

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2007-02-06 21:28
matthew.f.peters I am 7k on our local club ladder and the spread of ranks in our club is from 15k to 2d. Hence I quite often play handicap games of 5 stones or more. Could we have a lecture or two on how to handle the positions that crop up?

2007-02-08 00:15
Guo Juan Yes, 'how to play handicap games' is already on our TO Do list. Thanks for you patience!

2007-03-11 12:37
ekzpert I was just about the request the same thing, fortunately saw this one :) Also "middle game training" is a great idea thanks so much for all the lectures.

2007-04-02 23:48
Guo Juan FreeLecture-2007-Chinese New Year is about handicap Go. In this lecture I gave you some tips. Later we will come back to make about 5 lectures on this subject.

2007-05-22 02:03
matthew.f.peters Guo, many many thanks. I couldn't have asked for a better lecture. The position you described, where in a 5-stone game White plays knight's moves approaches in opposing corners is _exactly_ what one of the stronger players at our club keeps doing to me. Now you have given me a way to play that I can use straightaway. He also does the cross cut in the corner that you describe and provide help with. It is as if you had been watching our last game!

I was also rather proud that you introduced it saying "One of the students...one of our members..." and I thought "I think that is me that she is talking about!"

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