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Two questions about a Common Opening - Lesson 02

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2018-07-18 06:13
DiogoBarbosa Hello,
I have two questions about a Common Opening - Lesson 02.
This Lesson: https://internetgoschool.com/lesson.vhtml?ls_id=203

I would be very happy if a teacher helps me.

Here, white play S16 instead P10, How should I punish white? What I need to think at this moment playing black?

Here, White made a mistake, and Black make a Wall. In lesson, Guo Juan said that it's good for black. The Wall made alone without any support stone to make a box shape, is really better than the lost corner? Can anyone help-me, and explain a little more about this? It's hard for me to see that it's good for black.

Thank you all very much. ;)

2018-07-20 18:50
Guo Juan Hello,

1, if white goes to 3.3 point, you cover it. I opened your link and played on the board and saved it. I hope you can see it.
2, it is because white has already spent moves in the corner that means white is less efficient. Spend less moves to make territory is efficient.

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