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Suggestion for an evaluation tool

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2018-04-15 08:46
pegasus May I make suggestion? I wish there was an evaluation tool based on curated problems that will score the student's level at different aspects of the game, which will guide the student to choose the lectures that may benefit them most. Please consider. Thank you for the teaching.

2018-04-17 20:00
Darrell Malick Hi pegasus. It's an interesting idea, but will take quite a bit of work to implement, and I fear that at the end of it, user's won't be particularly in agreement with the evaluation. It's an interesting problem being faced with SO MANY choices about what to study - it can be a bit overwhelming. The difficulty filter tool can help. Do you use that? What is your Go level?

2018-04-17 21:03
For the difficulty filter tool.

1-3 is about the double digit kyu rang.
4-6 is about the single digit kyu range
7 and up is about the don.

These are my personal guesses and I expect there to be over lap.

Using this can help you pick a series to start. This way you don’t go through 20 lectures looking for Gold nuggets. (Not that bad but it has to do with time. I personally like to alternate between lighter lectures and more harder ones. And stick with lectures that have problems.

If your just starting I’d at least do:
Important shapes (help you get a feel for good moves.)
Opening training
Middle game training

Then move out by interest.

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