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Some words about Go

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2007-01-15 10:41
audouard.pierre 1- There are possible things, impossible things, and things that happen.
Sometimes things that happen are impossible.

2- According to how the players perceive what could happen and what
shouldn't happen springs what does happen.

3- The nature of a game comes from what is played, but it's the sensitivity
to the possible and the impossible that gives it value.

4- The possible and the impossible are visible and invisible. What happens
is what is played.

5- The game plays itself, the players don't control it.

6- Territory really exists only in the end.

7- We can hide nothing on the go board.

8- Every move brings change.

9- There is a time for all things. We must always consider the
circumstances. Nothing is identical, yet things repeat.

10- To do or not to do something is not determined by what is done in
general. Doing or not doing something is determined by what we want and we
must want what is necessary..

11- Balance is not what players strive for, and if it does arise, it is in
spite of them.

12- Tactics involves adapting to change, and determining what is decisive.
Strategy involves determining what is fundamental. These are the two facets
of action over time: reflection and decision.

13- Teaching Go to Westerner children and adults must become the top priority of our federations.

14- This teaching must be entrusted to professionals.

15- Today, there are five kinds of professionals capable of developing the teaching of Go in the West :
a- Asians living in Western countries who have been trained as professionals and who are so recognized by the Asian federations.
b- Asian amateurs living in Western countries and capable of winning against professionals with at most a 4-stone handicap.
c- Westerners now living and teaching in Western countries who had become professionals in Asia (in Japan, China, or Korea for example).
d- Western amateurs, 5D or stronger, capable of winning against professionals with at most a 4-stone handicap, and who are already teaching Go.
e- Lower-level amateurs who volunteer to develop discovery and initiation activities.

16- All of them are professionals here and must receive the massive support of our federations for the development of their activities. This support can be financial, logistic, moral, human, material, and so on.

17- Go playing will grow only with the growth of coherent, systematic teaching adapted to different audiences.

18- Growth in the power of the federations will come through the development of Go teaching entrusted to those who have dedicated their lives to Go.

19- Taking this direction is possible. It only requires that the need for effective teaching become clear to all.

20- This is all just the natural direction of the flow of human activity. All teaching must make it possible to improve ourselves, to extend the knowledge we have of our own nature and power, of its extent and its limitations. In this sense, Go, as certain other human activities, promotes this personal and collective evolution.

21- In this sense, Go is a perfect educational tool, because it enables us to confront our minds, our will, and our desires ad infinitum.

22- Even strong, we remain craftsmen. And if our work seems primarily technical, it is deeply human and educational.

23- In this sense, our federations must realize that the role of a federation is not to satisfy its members like one satisfies customers. An association is a group of persons who are headed in the same direction, and who accumulate the means to undertake successful projects.

24- Our federations must become centers for the creation and development of educational and sports projects in the service of the general interest.

Pti Pierre (France)
Translation : Tom Keel

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