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2006-06-25 03:37
Guo Juan Tomorrow, the Dutch team will play against Portugal. People are getting really excited. I met a friend today, he told me if he does not watch the match, he will die!

Is there any one on earth who will die if he does not play Go?

2006-06-26 17:16
gkg.the.lame there might be someone, who would die from not playing go, but one thing is clear for me:
I would exchange watching football for playing go anytime!
go is so much more fun, than watching players kicking a ball...
I even rather replay a professional game, than watch a football match.

2006-06-26 22:41
Guo Juan Long time ago, there was a football match in China. They invited a governor who was very highly ranked and powerful in the government. The players were fighting so severely in the field and the audience was so excited. He said: why are they fighting like this? Why not just give everybody a ball?

"Playing music to a cow" is an old saying in Chinese.

2006-07-27 18:54
francis I tried to stop playing go a few times because I thought it was too time consuming, but I could not stop for more than 1 month each time :).

2006-08-25 11:30
Guo Juan I am sure I can never stop playing Go.

Now I am in Tokyo to play Oza, the world championship.

I thought I have stopped playing tournaments...

Well, just play another one then :-)

2006-08-25 23:33
alcatraz I think I will never stop playing go ... I seem to never get satisfied with my strength :)

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