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Learning concepts

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2018-02-13 01:54
Glum How many games should I play in between lectures to materialise the concepts inside me?

2018-04-29 07:01
zaccbruce I think in one of the early step-by-step lessons that Guo recommends 10 games between lessons. For me, it depends on what the lectures are about. I recently watched some of the lectures about the chinese opening; I watched a number of them over a couple of days, but now I won't watch any lectures about different openings until I've played around 100 games with the Chinese opening as black.

2018-04-30 19:40
Darrell Malick I think 10 is too many - Guo Juan and I tend to disagree on this. She wants me to play more games than I do, and I'm sure she's right. Also, I like to play slow games, so 10 games for me is a major time investment.

I don't think in terms of "have to play games" though. I study my problems at least a little every day. When I run out of problems, I watch a new lecture and add the problem set. And I play games as much as I can while enjoying them.

Of course, I'm not the fastest improving student you'll meet, but I AM improving and enjoying, so I'm happy.

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